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US Book Review – 2×2 on the Ark: Five Secrets  of a Great Relationship

Falling in love is easy. Swept up in emotions and the excitement of something new is like a rose-filled wave that lifts lovers to dizzying heights and sets them off on shore to find their way. Then the hard work begins, and sometimes that work demands the help of the experts. With over forty years of experience, Mary Giuffra offers resources and practices to empower couples to build and maintain long-lasting relationships.  Read Entire Review Here.

“Dr Mary Giuffra has written a book  that is informative and engaging, thoughtful and empowering. Dr Giuffra is honoring and encouraging, and her approach is profound and powerful, research based and practical. She and her book have my highest recommendation.”

– Carol Lindsey, PhD, MSW, author of Seeking Safety: The Journey of Adults Who Were Sexually Abused As Children 

Couples therapist Giuffra offers a debut guide for those navigating the waters of romantic relationships. – Kirkus Book Reviews

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Audio: Interview with Dr. Giuffra

Dr. Giuffra discusses her book, 2×2 On the Ark: Five Secrets of a Great Relationship