” The wisdom of the body is so rich…  We go to school and learn and learn and learn,  but the brilliance inside each person is amazing.”

Dr. Mary Giuffra has been a therapist for over 35 years during which time she has worked with individuals, families, and couples using a unique blend of body-mind techniques. Dr. Guiffra received her doctorate from New York University and is a New York State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Psychiatric Mental Health, and a New York State Registered Professional Nurse.

With her rich background in psychotherapy, Dr. Giuffra brings to her practice a deep commitment to the principle that healing begins within our bodies. Whether serving as a therapist to an individual or a consultant to a major medical center or university, Dr. Giuffra believes that others do not hold the answers for us, but that natural wisdom resides within ourselves. In her many professional roles, Dr. Giuffra supports her clients in learning to listen to their own inner wisdom and empowers them to make embodied decisions, organic and appropriate to themselves.

Dr. Giuffra has been the recipient of several major grants from the federal government and is the author of countless articles in peer reviewed journals, book chapters, and is the author of the soon to be published Two by Two on the Ark: Decoding Your Love Map. Dr. Giuffra has also been recognized for her pioneering efforts as an educator and specialist in curriculum development. She has served as a tenured member of the faculty at New York University and the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

Dr. Giuffra is also active as a consultant and researcher including her involvement with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She has been honored with appointments to the governing boards of leading medical institutions, universities, and community organizations. As a therapist, she is committed to lifelong learning and continues to expand her own horizons through ongoing participation in professional training institutes.

Throughout Dr. Giuffra’s career, her focus has been on interpersonal relationships whether working with an infant or a governing board. Dr. Giuffra’s is continually guided by her deeply held belief that any interaction is an opportunity for change and a chance to make the world a better place.