Dr. Giuffra’s passion is enhancing and restoring relationships. In her New York practice, she works with couples of all ages and nationalities. A board certified therapist, she has helped hundreds of couples to avoid divorce and restore their relationships.  Read More

Relationship coach to the coaches, Dr. Giuffra empowers clients to envision the relationship of their dreams and attain it. Clients are the experts. Single, married, and divorced clients achieve the life, friendships, and careers they desire. Parents nurture relationship skills through action.  Read More

Dr. Giuffra is an international author, radio, and TV presenter. She has been cited in the New York Times, The Kansas City Star, various papers, magazines, and professional journals. Her book, 2X2 on the Ark: Four Strategies For Lasting Love, is due soon. Read More

Dr. Giuffra is an organizational consultant to therapists, schools, and organizations. She specializes in couples, parenting, family life, and the impact of stress and trauma on individuals and organizations. She is an approved supervisor and consultant in couples, individual, family, and trauma therapy.  Read More